DAKS wants to introduce you to the faces behind the iconic British tailoring brand with ‘Meet the
Team’. Natasha Chater is DAKS’ Junior Womenswear designer, creating pieces for the DAKS catwalk
shows as well as the mainline collections. Natasha, ‘Tash’, gives us an insight on what it takes to design
for DAKS and how she came to work for them - as well as sharing her top picks from the summer

Originally from Australia, I moved to the Uk at the age of 16 to pursue a career in Fashion. I gained my degree in fashion design at the University of South Wales in which I specialised in womenswear design. Before DAKS I worked at Harrods for their in-house brand, working across design for various product categories. I then went on to explore various freelance roles in design and illustration before joining DAKS, where I have been now for three years.

I am by nature curious about fashion as an art form. What I love about the industry is that it is constantly evolving. No season is ever the same and each day we find new inspiration and ideas. Working for DAKS allows me to be creative every day which is a real privilege. What I find fascinating at DAKS is having access to our huge archive, dating back to 1894. We have done various collaborations throughout this time and seeing how the brand and fashion has evolved is very interesting and something a lot of brands don’t have the privilege of accessing.

My main role at DAKS is to assist Luigi Veccia, the Creative Director, with the womenswear collection, developing and collaborating on his ideas. Day-to-day, I try to maintain a close relationship with the retail team to make sure we are answering the demand of the customers and improving from any feedback they may have.

Most days consist of researching and sketching and creating new ideas. The creative process involves a lot of researching not only into the theme of the season but most importantly into the product. Our goal is to emanate the seasonal theme through the product whilst maintaining the brand's identity. Something that I've learnt at DAKS is that with tailoring and luxury pieces it’s the details that really matter, whether that is the lining or a cuff. Each season I look forward to sourcing fabric at trade shows in Paris and Milan, gathering inspiration and starting to visualise the final product.

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