Working from home with… Freelance Menswear Journalist, Nick Carvell.

Working from home with friends of DAKS: This Week DAKS caught up with Freelance Menswear Journalist, Nick Carvell. Former Editor of The Jackal, Nick, gives DAKS a peak into his working from home set up, how this has changed during this time working as a freelance writer and how wearing shoes may be the key to success.

Having worked in offices for almost a decade, at Mr Porter, GQ and most recently as Editor of The Jackal, Nick went freelance at the start of the year to write about men’s fashion from home - just in time for lockdown.

What do you wear when working from home?

Generally a pair of comfortable jeans or cargos, a shirt or hoodie and a pair of backless loafers (the king of house shoes) - I can't get in the right mindset to work without shoes on my feet.

Define your style in three words:

Comfortable. Colourful. Classic.

How do you incorporate your style into your home?

I haven't ever really thought about that, but I think all three of those apply to our home. I can't stand furniture that looks like it's going to correct your posture or be there more to look at than to be used, so all our of our chairs are the kind where you can just sink into them - even our patio dining chairs have big cushion pads on them. Our house is painted in all manner of bonkers colours with lots of mismatched soft furnishings (I lovingly refer to it as 'granny's house'). And my husband and I love picking up little pieces of ceramics for our house on our travels, so I guess that would tick off the 'classic' bit. I have a particular soft sport for slightly time-worn Wedgwood Jasperware classical urns, which I scour eBay for.

Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

My ivory silk wedding shirt, that was made for me last year by my good friend and shirtmaker James MacAuslan over at Budd.

The one item of clothing you think is worth investing in each season?

This isn't a seasonal thing, but I think we all need to take stock of what we wear the most and invest properly in those things. So if it's winter and you need a coat, if it's summer and you need a pair of shorts, if it's any time and you need a pair of jeans, buy the best quality version of it you can afford from a company you love - preferably also one that supports craftspeople. Clothes should be seen as an investment, not just something to be worn and discarded quickly. After "All This" is over I think we all need to strive to buy better, buy smarter.

What do you love about what you do?

I love that I get to interact with so many people who I would ordinarily have never had the opportunity to meet, whether that's celebrities, business entrepreneurs or creatives. I once had to interview Jake Gyllenhaal for one of his new films and we ended up chatting about his loose leaf tea obsession - a bizarre experience that I could not have imagined as a kid growing up in Bedford!

Whats your morning routine and how has it changed since working from home?

Well as a freelance writer I wasn't expecting things to change too much when the pandemic kicked in, but I think it's made me structure my day far better. As I'm so sedentary now, I have made sure I start the day with a run or a bodyweight session in the park - whereas before I hadn't been to the gym in months - and I make sure I take regular breaks to move around the house away from my laptop.



5Top Tips to keep focussed while working from home...

1. Write down a list of what you want to achieve in the morning - it doesn't matter whether you actually achieve it all, it's just good to offload them from your brain so you don't keep reminding yourself not to forget tasks.

2. Also write a longer term list of goals that you can tick off as you go, but don't feel pressured to achieve them immediately.

3.Take regular breaks to allow your brain to rest and think of other things - being creative, you need to let your mind wander occasionally.

4.If you are working from home with another person, try to sync up your work schedule with them as having coordinated breaks will motivate you to get through tasks if there's a coffee together on the horizon.

5.Turn your phone upside down - or better yet, put it in another room - so you're not tempted to check Twitter/BBC News/Linkedin notifications whenever they pop up..

How do you unwind/top tips to de-stress?

When I want to unwind, I do something that takes me far away from what I've done for work that day. For me, that's finding a good comedy to watch on Netflix and trying to practise my French on Duolingo. Also, if your head's buzzing at the end of the day and you're just lying in bed staring at the ceiling, I'd recommend trying Form Nutrition's ZZZZs capsules which help my brain lull itself off to sleep gently.

First place you’ll eat or visit post working from home?

I am going straight to the Coburg Bar at The Connaught for a gin martini and the insanely good bottomless crisps.

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