Sophie Dearden, Senior Stylist at YOU Magazine and working from home in Fulham assisted by my two ridiculous cats.

Working from home with friends of DAKS: This Week DAKS caught up with YOU Magazine’s senior stylist to find out her top styling tips, life hacks and how she’s making working from home work for her.

What do you wear when working from home?

Comfort and ease has definitely taken precedent when getting dressed for the new home office (Read lounge). I find dresses great as they are so easy to throw on and you feel like you have yourself together at a time when you maybe don’t always! I really love a gold accessory (literally all I wear) so am trying to add these to my outfits still so I feel like myself and a bit more put together. I also have a few pairs of trousers that are really comfy so have been pairing these with knitwear. Cream is my favourite colour to wear anyway but black has been a bit of a nightmare to wear WFH due to the furrier members of the new office (my cats).

Define your style in three words:

So, I think I would have to say…classic, neutral and a bit chi chi (I know I have gone way over my word limit but concise is not a personal skill!).

How do you incorporate your style into your home?

85% of my wardrobe is white and cream and my flat is much the same. I keep things quite neutral with pops of colour in cushions, books, flowers. I really hate clutter so try to keep things paired back where possible, I really believe in the saying ‘Tidy home, Tidy mind’.

Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

A dress my grandma gave me. It’s a cream super classic knitted dress that was hers and its been so perfect for so many events and she loves that I wear it!

The one item of clothing you think is worth investing in each season?

A great dress! They work for loads of different events if you choose a versatile style, it’s a finished look in one piece and they are so easy to wear.

What do you love about what you do?

I really do love my job!! Whether it’s a shopping story, fashion shoot or cover shoot I love going from a starting reference to the finished product.

I love getting to work with teams who are amazing at what they do, learning from them and collaboratively making something the best it can be. I really love all the different people I get to work with in the office and on shoots.

Whats your morning routine and how has it changed since working from home?

I am a bit of an early bird, always have been, so I routinely get up and have a potter round the flat, feed the cats, make my bed and a coffee and listen to music. This has stayed the same but I am, as a rule, a morning exerciser and I’ve taken to moving this to lunch time which I have enjoyed! It’s nice to settle in and get started on work and then have something to clear your brain mid day before you crack on with the afternoon!

"I’ve started running
(loose term) as I have a really lovely route around Hammersmith bridge near me"

5Top Tips to keep focussed while working from home...

1. Set an alarm! Get up and start your day with purpose, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Make lists of things that you would like to do with this time. Don’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t, this isn’t a time to thrive, but lists can be great to create structure if you feel at a loss of what to do.

3. Enjoy your food! Enjoy being in your kitchen for every meal. Mix up your routine meals and play with new options and what you have in your cupboard. It will make going back to ‘work’ easier as you’ve stepped away for a minute.

4. Find a fantastic playlist or radio station. Music can really lift your mood and productivity.

5. Take a break if you need it. Ring a friend, talk to family or a housemate – you would in the office so take the time to talk / laugh / whinge.

How do you unwind/top tips to de-stress?

I’ve started running (loose term) as I have a really lovely route around Hammersmith bridge near me. I am determined by the end of this I will be able to do a 5k without nearly passing out. And I have found this really good for clearing my head. I’ve also found home work outs a good thing if I only fancy 15/20 minutes in between emails.

First place you’ll eat or visit post working from home?

My favourite is Japanese which I’ve taken to ordering on Deliveroo at the weekend, Koji, in Parsons Green.

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