DAKS Introduces: Working from home with friends of DAKS...

 In these uncertain times with everyone working from home, DAKS have asked its friends of the brand to share their top tips on keeping motivated and positive.​ Along with their top DAKS picks and styling tips for dressing at home. To kick things off DAKS’ caught up with Worm florists, who collaborated with DAKS for its London Fashion Week show and events, to see how they’re making working from home work for them. Teri Chandler and Katie Smyth started Worm in 2016 in East London.

Worm began as a book and bunch delivery service but have since spread it’s wings and now design flowers for occasions, print and conceptual projects. The pair are inspired by many things,
primarily the imperfect wild flowers that grew around them when they were growing up on the coast of southern Ireland.

What do you wear working from home?

So far not much has changed for me in terms of what I wear. I am still getting dressed like I usually would to a certain extent. Our studio tends to be quite cold as we have to keep the flowers fresh so working from home has allowed me to wear one or two less layers which is nice. I usually dress in something which is casual and comfortable as our job is active and messy. I am definitely leaning towards the more simple, comfortable clothing in my wardrobe and I enjoy not having shoes or boots on my feet. I have some really soft bright red slippers I got in Morocco last year which have become my firm favourite and are stuck to my feet.

How do you incorporate your style into your home?

I really enjoy wearing anything natural like linen. Looking around my home, I see how this translates into the general style as I lean towards lots of linen and natural fabrics for furniture and especially for bedding. I have some nice basket bags which I love, they look nice hanging from my shelves. Flowers also play a key part in the style of my home. At the moment I have lots of vases filled with left over flowers from when I cleared our studio out last week. They are helping bring a little brightness and joy to each room in a time with limited access to nature.

Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

This is difficult as most of the items in my wardrobe get worn a lot. I am not really a person who keeps things for a special occasion, if I like something, I love to wear it as much as possible.

This results in everything having some sort of tear or pollen stain on it. I have a bright blue vintage French workers jacket which I really love.

I wear it most days. It's nothing special, but it's practical for the job I do. It is full of paint splashes and other mysterious stains, but for some reason they just add to it. I also have a aran jumper which my mother knitted for me a few years ago. Its oversized and like a big hug when you put it on, it's perfect now.

What do you love about what you do?

I feel so lucky that I found something that I love doing. It took me a long time to get this place. It's really special to work with Terri, we have managed to form a really lovely creative partnership that feels so strong and balanced. I think we learn a lot from one another and it's been a really transformative thing making our business together.

Worm feels equally a little bit of both of us. We have managed to gather a really talented group of like minded people around us who work with us. While running a business is not easy these people are so inspiring and creative. I guess I love the feeling that all of us together are moving a little forward and creating in reaction to nature and the changing seasons.

What inspires you?

It always starts with nature. We both will never forget our first Spring as florists. We could not walk down the road without being blown away by the beauty of the first blossom or a giant mimosa tree taking over the road. We are both natural curious people, so our inspiration is drawn from lots of different places.

We both love reading, something which we will be doing a lot of in the coming weeks, so I have no doubt we will get a idea or two from there.

We work on quite a diverse range of projects so ideas spring up from such different places. Last year we did a project inspired by home alters, which we used to make in the Month of May back home in Ireland. In contrast we worked on a big wedding which was inspired by Dutch still life paintings.

Another project which we loved doing was heavily inspired by the work of Eve Hesse and other pioneering female artists. It's very broad but it makes it interesting.

We both adore researching for projects so its really interesting finding new inspirations and also remembering old ones.

Whats your morning routine and how has it changed since working from home?

- We usually have to get up really early to go to the flower market or go to the studio to pick up a breakfast event. Therefore generally mornings were a scramble of repeated snoozing until fear pulls us out of the bed. Then getting ready as quick as possible, jumper on inside out and hair thrown up in a knot. A quick coffee in a flask made sometime in the middle of all this. Then down to the van to go wherever we need to be. Its really special seeing London wake up, we see the sunrise a-lot.

This morning routine has changed in the last week as you can imagine. That change has been nice. Waking up at a more normal hour feels like a luxury. Having time to get dressed properly and have breakfast is really lovely and calm, something I am not used to in the mornings. Myself and my housemates have started doing a little yoga session in the morning. This is something I absolutely would never have time for. I love this and in this difficult time having little special moments like this keep me grounded and sane.

How do you unwind or destress? 
"A bath and a book."

5Top Tips to keep focussed while working from home...

1. Make a timetable for yourself for the day, I need structure as much as possible in times of chaos.

2. I have been breaking up my day by going for a walk or a run. I know we are not able to go outside much but I think for my sanity this has been the biggest thing in keeping me feeling grounded. The streets are so quiet and calm now near my home so its such a different experience being outside. Nature seems to have a stronger presence.

3. I made a rule for myself that I was not allowed look at the news during the day. Only looking at it once in the morning and once in the evening. I was finding it hard to stay focused when there is so much to click into. It also was not helping my anxiety and cabin fever was setting in.

4. At the beginning of working from home I was just working all day in my room. Now I start the day working from my room and then after lunch work at the kitchen table. This has helped me be more productive. I think for me staying in the same room all day was starting to get on-top of me. A change of surroundings is much better for my head and attention.

5. Give yourself a time when work ends. It's so easy when working from home for the work day to never really end. I think giving yourself a time to switch off is really helpful. I love reading, so I am using this time in the evenings to get through the mountain of books I have, which usually frustrate me because I never seem to have time to read them.

First place you’ll eat or visit post working from home?

This has already made me appreciate all the amazing places which we have to visit in London. I love all the small local business here in East London and I would like to support them as much as I can when we are allowed out.
It's scary that many of these may not survive when they are what make my neighbourhood so special. Maybe my first stop would be Little Duck the Picklery for dinner with friends.  

Top Picks from DAKS for WFH:

I LOVE all the silk scarves and always have some sort of little scarf wrapped around my neck like a neckerchief, I think they are my favourite. I also love the knitwear. Those high necked knits are so nice and I love the colours. I also added a dress I would love to wear, even though every dress I wear gets absolutely wrecked!