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This is Timothy

DAKS & Timothy James

When DAKS contacted me to shoot this years spring summer range I was delighted. Not simply because of the privilege to work with one of Britain’s classic suiting houses, nor the fact that I loved the DAKS presentation at Milan fashion week. This was something a little more personal.

Growing up I always looked up to my father, and to this day I still do. But my father was a businessman, often travelling and always working…but always impeccably dressed. I have a distinct memory of going through his wardrobe when he was away, trying on his suits and pretending to be him. The suits I tried on were far too big for me, my father is a tall well built chap, and I was a scrawny lad, about 13 at the time. But the one thing I do remember is that the suits were in fact DAKS, so I knew my father would be impressed that I was now working with such a great brand.


Spring summer can often be a tricky time for a gentleman’s wardrobe, especially living in England. Just as we think we have left the dark days of winter behind, the British weather can turn on us and take us right back to colder climes. But when Mr. Sunshine puts his hat on, England is a wonderful place to be. And with this change in weather comes a change in the British social seasons.

This change in the social season served as inspiration for Simon Waller, head of Design at DAKS, and his team. Looking at how dress codes have evolved in an attempt to create contemporary menswear styles, whilst being constructed using traditional cloths. The styles needed to be lightweight and somewhat deconstructed in comparison to the tailoring of the previous winter season.

They need to create a comfortable, seasonal yet tailored aesthetic. Linen has become the perfect material to capture this.

DAKS have a history of partnering with British mills to create unique and bespoke fabrics for their collections. This season is no different and they have worked with two world Renowned British Mills to create an Irish linen to be used in their tailoring and outerwear pieces.

As with all great designers, Simon and his team look at what has been done before and then work to improve and modernise the designs. Many of DAKS great tailoring pieces are actually based on reference pieces from the DAKS archive. DAKS actually have their own check, like a brands coat of arms. There are subtle nods to this house check throughout the collection. Be it the striped fabric on their classic boater hats, a pocket square or subtle nods in the check of the brown suit.


Working with Linen for spring summer is nothing new, and if you vary your wardrobe for the seasons then you no doubt already own several linen pieces for the warmer months ahead. But DAKS have worked to create a bespoke luxury, material, with a much crispier quality from 100% linen.

The result is a traditional cloth, reimagined for the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. It allows the suits and shirts to take on more relaxed shapes, allowing the freedom for formal or casual looks with character and textures, not like the classic, floppy linen pieces we have seen season after season over the last decade.

As we move into the summer months, and (hopefully) the mercury rises, gentlemen shouldn’t have to feel like they have to sacrifice their sartorial elegance they have built up over the winter months. Wearing modern Linen, such as this, with unlined jackets allow you to introduce classic pieces into your summer attire, without overheating, be it at the regatta or as a guest at one the countless weddings the summer season brings.


“As we move into the summer months, and (hopefully) the mercury rises, gentlemen shouldn’t have to feel like they have to sacrifice their sartorial elegance they have built up over the winter months”

Timothy James
Architect, photographer and creative director of This is Timothy





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