We at DAKS have partnered with World Land Trust to support their Plant a Tree program to celebrate World Earth Day.

DAKS x World Land Trust have created two bespoke 100% silk scarves. 10% of all the proceeds from each scarf sold globally will be going towards World Land Trust’s efforts in reforestation. One tree will be planted with every scarf purchased. This collaboration represents the first of its kind for DAKS, highlighting our commitment to developing our global sustainability initiatives.

To commemorate this, we caught up with Corporate Partnerships Manager, Tracey Butler, to discuss a little more about what World Land Trust do and the importance of these partnerships for their initiatives.
1. What is your role at World Land Trust and how long have you been with the team? I am the Corporate Partnerships Manager and have been at World Land Trust (WLT) for 8 years, since 2016.

2. Can you tell us a little about the great work World Land Trust does? WLT pioneered the concept of land purchase for conservation 35 years ago with a vision to protect and restore the world's most threatened habitats and species. Today we work with more than 50 local NGO partners around the world, supporting them to create and expand reserves and biological corridors, to safeguard their land for biodiversity and the climate. Across the globe, deforestation is a major contributor to climate change and threatens wildlife. WLT prioritises the protection of remaining original standing forests as they are already doing their job as a home for wildlife, for climate and providing ecosystem services to local communities, but also key is the restoration of land that has been cleared in the past where tree planting helps to connect fragmented patches of forest and provide continuous habitat for species.
3. What role do brand partnerships play in giving back to World Land Trust's cause? WLT is fortunate to receive generous support from Corporate Partnerships, many of whom have been committed to our mission for years. We greatly value the opportunity to work with brands who share our ethos, to support their sustainability goals and together to deliver results for the natural world. Businesses provide around one third of income to WLT and we simply couldn't achieve our conservation goals without them.

4. How many trees a year do you plant with these partnerships? And what is its im-pact? To date, through the generosity of WLT supporters, we have funded the protection of 2,835,984 acres and planted 2,748,372 trees, helping our network of overseas partners to conserve and reforest their land for wildlife.
5. Why were you excited to work with DAKS on this partnership? DAKS is such an iconic British brand and we're delighted to be part of your 130th anniversary celebrations. We're very grateful for the campaigns that DAKS has designed to support WLT's Buy an Acre and Plant a Tree programmes through two dedicated scarves made from sustainable materials around world days in 2024.

6. What's next for World Land Trust? We have a very focused mission to Save Land, Save Species and our approach is proven to be effective, so in this crucial decade for the planet, we just need to do more. Our current 5-year strategy is demanding of us that we bring as much threatened habitat under protection in this 5-year period as we have done since our inception. We have been growing our team and are launching a new brand in 2024 to help us reach more people and accomplish the impact that is needed for the natural world. We feel positive about the future and what can be achieved through working together, with local conservation NGOs progressing conservation on the ground with their communities, and with WLT supporters and Corporate Partners like DAKS.