The world as we know it is changing and here at DAKS so are we… For AW21, we reflect upon and embrace our heritage roots as a brand, whilst exploring the changing complexities of the present day, through both our design processes and notions of storytelling. Over the past year, the ways in which we interact with each other and the environment around us have changed dramatically, and our Winter collection reflects this. 

Our winter pieces delve into the rich history of DAKS, working with luxury, traditional fabrics in autumnal colours, muted burgundies, bitter browns and accents of English manor blue. This is partnered with the exploration of the new everyday life, centred around our homes and relationship with nature. It is all about tactile fabrics, natural dyes and comfort, as well as a focus on a more sustainable way of living. The colour palette therefore reflects this, with soft beiges, delicate moss greens and citrus accents with a tonal finish. As with all of DAKS' collections, these pieces are built to last, they are wardrobe staples in timeless silhouettes that will be loved year after year. 

In the words of our iconic founder, Simeon Simpson 1934, “The past is contained in the present. The present looks to the future. The future is here already.”