Ethical Strategy

DAKS Limited (“DAKS”)

DAKS Limited (“DAKS”) understands that the purpose of the ETI is to promote improved conditions for workers through the implementation of codes of labour practice based on national law and international labour standards.

By becoming a member of the ETI, DAKS is committed to adopting and implementing the ETI Base Code and undertaking activities intended to promote respect for workers’ rights and to achieve real improvements in working conditions within its supply chain.

1. Commitment

a. The DAKS board of directors recognises the importance of ethical trading throughout its business and this document is evidence of “sign off” of the ETI Base Code.
b. DAKS has allocated a senior manager to implement ethical policy.
c. DAKS has allocated an ad hoc budget for ethical policy activities.
d. DAKS will play an active role in ETI activities and will continue to work collaboratively with other ETI members wherever possible.

2. Checks in place

a. DAKS will only work with suppliers with good labour practices that are likely to observe the provisions of the Base Code.
b. DAKS has an ongoing project to aim to investigate and map its supply chain.
c. DAKS has an ethical approval process whereby all suppliers must be approved by its licensing team prior to any manufacture of DAKS products.
d. DAKS will undertake activities to be aware of the working conditions and labour practices in its supply chain in order to understand the nature and location of risks to ethical trade, and use this information and share it with other members.
e. DAKS will gather and analyse information about its suppliers’ performance on complying with the Base Code and use this information to inform its sourcing decisions.

3. Corrective action

a. DAKS will work with its suppliers to rectify any problems identified and implement improvements that are consistent with the provisions of the ETI Base Code.
b. DAKS will negotiate time-bound plans for improvements with suppliers and makes sure that the improvements are actually made.
c. DAKS will where possible provide support and advice to help suppliers make agreed improvements.
d. DAKS will if necessary terminate supplier relationships where serious breaches of the Code persist only after reasonable attempts have been made to work with the supplier to implement improvements, and where there is no reasonable prospect of securing improvements. Such terminations will be carried out in a responsible way.
e. DAKS will work with suppliers, other ETI members and other parties affected by its activities to address the root causes of non-compliances through the design and implementation of activities which identify and test good practice and effective solutions.

4. Capacity building

a. DAKS plans to where possible provide information, guidance, training and support for its suppliers to observe the ETI Base Code.
b. DAKS seeks the views of its suppliers over their ability to meet the ETI Base Code given DAKS’ existing buying practices, and assists them to meet their concerns.

5. Core business

a. DAKS selects suppliers with good labour practices that are likely to observe the provisions of the ETI Base Code.
b. DAKS buying staff and other personnel whose decisions may affect working conditions and labour practices in the supply chain will be made aware of the potential impact of their decisions.
c. DAKS recognises the contribution that stable business relationships can make to the observance of good labour practices and endeavours to establish long term relationships with its suppliers.

6. Communication

a. DAKS has a plan to communicate its commitment to ethical trade publicly, throughout the company and to its suppliers.

7. Transparency

a. DAKS will report fairly and accurately on its ethical trade activities.
b. DAKS plans to comply with the ETI’s reporting requirements.
c. DAKS will encourage its suppliers to be transparent about their ethical trade performance.
d. DAKS will respond rapidly, fully and openly to any complaints about code violations in its supply chain.

Updated August 2018