Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statement

DAKS Limited (“DAKS”)

We take our commitments to reducing our carbon emissions very seriously and all employees are fully engaged in this vision.

We are actively measuring and aiming to reduce our carbon footprint as a Company.Greenhouse Gas Emissions from DAKS Ltd have fallen by 22% in the past three years. Through monitoring our energy, water, business travel and waste we have taken steps to continue to reduce this further.

In line with the Science-Based Target (SBT) initiative we have set specific targets to further reduce these emissions by 2023 and 2030.

we encourage good housekeeping in simple things like switching all IT equipment off at night, having LED and sensor based lighting in meeting rooms, and trying to encourage electronic communication and collaboration between teams rather than any dependency on paper.

Our employees have helped make us a sustainable business for nearly 125 years and their continuing commitment and innovation is key for us to maintain and develop our environmental performance going forward.

Updated August 2018