We at DAKS are extremely proud of our 125 years of British heritage, from humble beginnings at petticoat Lane and Piccadilly, to Old Bond Street and beyond. Fundamental to our DNA and roots has been the ongoing notions of craftsmanship and provenance, something which we still champion to this day. With this in mind, we are always on the lookout to partner with brands that share the same values and ethos as us, which is why for this Spring / Summer we have chosen to partner with the famous British artisan globe makers, Bellerby & Co.

For this collaboration, we focused on creating a unique range of luxury silk scarves, with the exclusive map print design created by British Globe Makers, Bellerby & Co. Designed to reflect our heritage story, this artisan print incorporates classic motifs, such as the DAKS hot air balloon and the DAKS car, as well as iconic landmarks including Old Bond Street, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Horse Show. 

Bellerby & Co was founded after the founder Peter Bellerby was searching for the perfect Globe for his Father’s 80th, what started out as a project became a passion and after a few years Bellerby & Co was founded. The goal for Bellerby & Co is to create something personal while valuing their craftsmanship in creating these handmade Globes. Bellerby & Co are one of the last companies in the world handcrafting and hand painting traditional world globes of their own design. Everything they create is done in-house and by hand in London, England.

When the merging of the two minds, DAKS and Bellerby & Co, came together there was instant synergy for our SS21 collection.  Craftsmanship runs throughout the collection and these luxury silk scarves are enriched in our history and packed full of .

Bellerby & Co : ‘We loved collaborating with Daks on creating a unique map incorporating our love of cartography, telling stories through maps.The idea of a Roadtrip to Paradisewas even more fitting for us, as a UK based company, with the new limited travel options we have all slowed down and have come to appreciate the beautiful and diverse landscapes on our doorstep. Daks and Bellerby & Co were natural partners as both appreciate quality materials and craftsmanship and want to create beautiful items that can be cherished for generations to come.’