DAKS 10 is the latest diffusion line from DAKS available to buy in store, as soon as DAKS 10 Old Bond Street re-opens its doors. In the mean time, DAKS wanted to share with you the amazing campaign imagery from the collection.

DAKS 10 is not a modified image of mainline, just put in front of a younger customer. It has its own identity. It is an observer of Pop culture, Street Culture & Global Culture It represents Britain... the London way, it is age-less with a young mind set. DAKS 10 is smart, driven & passionate about individualism. It is genderless in its mind set, embracing diversity.

It has learnt the rules through DAKS' heritage… now it will break them in order to create a future for the DAKS youth culture. DAKS10 harnesses the heritage of the brands history to create something new and bold, continuing to tell the stories of DAKS to a new generation. Featuring reimagined trenches and checks, bombers and innovative branding.

The collection is inspired by the 60’s, a time where music and youth had a voice. DAKS takes particular inspiration from the Mods, a subculture that began in London and spread throughout Great Britain and eventually influencing fashions and trends all over the world. You can see these references highlighted in the details of the standout pieces in the collection. 

DAKS dived into its extensive archives from the 1960’s to generate re-worked graphics of old images to be utilised as motif’s across the collection. One of these images was taken in 1961of a DAKS factory worker from Larkhall on a annual party. This image has been set across a series of T-shirts seeing people from this time dance and listen to music.

The House check continues to be a representation of DAKS, so the
re-purposing of this for the diffusion line was incredibly important. The House Check is seen with overlaying graphics in interesting silhouettes which elevates the visual of this classic print making it refreshingly modern.

It's in DAKS’ DNA to respect its history, by exploring its archives DAKS have been able to bring back a piece of history for its modern consumer.