As part of our new Guest Editor feature, we spoke with fashion commentator Jack Guinness for some all-round advice on how to dress when on the road. Whether it be a city break or country get away, we look at the most stylish and practical staples to be included in your travel and holiday wardrobe.

shot on location at The Ned, London.
Jack wears: DAKS classic single breasted Bailey Jacket, Ridley check shirt and DAKS grey Earl trousers.

Where was your last trip and what did you wear?

On a recent trip to Vienna I had to DJ, have a posh dinner and then go clubbing. A suit like this is perfect to take you from day to evening, from work to a date. Plus I love a double-breasted suit. If you go really wild later you can just wear a vest underneath like Harry Styles but for the less adventurous try a classic knit. A light knit under a blazer is a great modern alternative to a shirt (be careful it's not too thick or it will ruin the line of your jacket). Also wear a nice shirt underneath in case you get too hot. You don't want to end up dripping in sweat or naked under your jacket!)

You have to be prepared for all weather so a classic raincoat is a must for any trip abroad. It's perfect for the transition from Spring into Summer and then Summer into Autumn. It keeps you cool and dry and just cuts such a dash! (I sound like my Dad!) It tidies up any outfit creating a clean silhouette. Effortless and timeless.

I like to keep my outfits classic and play around with accessories - ties, pocket squares and scarves. They're practical and a good way to change up an outfit. Plus they're a winning present for any age. Who doesn't like a posh scarf? No one. That's who.

How should you dress for a winter weekend away in the countryside?

So you’ve got a weekend away somewhere beautiful like Babington or Soho Farmhouse or The Pig. Thanks to Instagram and the rise of boutique country hotels and members clubs, gone are the days when you can hold up wearing the same grubby tracksuit for long. If you’re away you’re on show - either through social media or bumping into colleagues or friends from school you’ve managed to avoid until now. The pressure is on.. how do you look stylish, feel comfortable and make everyone sick with jealousy (petty aren’t I)? Dressing timelessly is the key.

What key items should you pack for a winter city break?

Whatever the political outcome of Brexit (be it paradise or the end of the world) there’s one thing we’ll always share with Europe. Weather. The secret for dressing for European weather is layering. Northern Europe? Pop on a chunky knit. Parisian showers? Grab a timeless waterproof trench. Heatwave/rave in Barcelona? Open a few buttons on your shirt... live a little! When travelling I’m a complete nightmare, desperately playing up my Britishness for attention. In New York I chow down on cucumber sandwiches and once, after a few too many Shandies, paraded around with a bowler hat and briefcase. Follow the same rules while travelling as you should for your wardrobe at home - buy less but of better quality. Create a capsule wardrobe of pieces that mix and match with each other. Find that perfect knit, that classic trench and a suit that takes you from day to evening.

A practical fashion tip when on the road?

For a weekend break I might just take a great suit-holder. It protects the suits and you can squeeze in a pair of shoes and a washbag. You too can be that smug man breezing pass baggage reclaim to get the first cab into town and be two drinks down before they manage to check in. I fold my clothes immaculately on the way out - rolling trousers and folding t-shirts perfectly that would impress a manager of The Gap. But upon my return I generally just shove everything into my case in a hungover stupor. I’m lucky if I remember my wash bag or arrive home with any pants. It’s a mystery where they end up!

Style or comfort?

I always go for style over comfort. Fashion is pain. It isn’t really - I just like saying that. I’m not really into people travelling in full tracksuits with pillows tied to their bodies. I wish flying was still glamorous but those days have gone. Maybe wearing a tracksuit’s the smart thing to do if you’re jammed into a tiny space with your knees up by your head breathing in other people’s germs for eleven hours.

What item do you never travel without?

Phone for podcasts. They keep me sane and when you’re too tired to read they’re perfect.

Your favourite city to visit right now?

I love Lisbon. So many cities are just turning into playgrounds for the rich but Lisbon still feels full of real life. There’s a great art, nightlife and fashion scene out there that feels real and not commercialised. It’s great.


The one shop you just have to visit?

Daunt books. In every city I try and find a little art bookshop that sells zines and gives you a flavour of the local scene. Plus hunting out specific little shops forces you to get off the beaten path and get to know a city. If you want to know somewhere, get lost in it!

Suitcase of choice?

I love Globe Trotter luggage. There’s something so romantic about them. And they last forever. I really like the idea of passing on well crafted pieces to the next generation. I may die, but my luggage lives on! Maybe I could haunt my grandchildren through a timeless cabin-ready weekend case?

Favourite Place/destination to buy clothes?

London. We have the best balance of new young design talent, heritage brands and streetwear.