DAKS introduces a walk in the park with friends of DAKS

Catching up over a walk in the park with friends of the brand, industry leaders, creatives and all round exciting individuals that have worked with and alongside DAKS over the years. For our second instalment on this initiative, DAKS have caught up with long standing friend and ongoing supportive editor, Helen Seamons, The Guardian and Observer's Menswear Editor. Helen talks about her favourite winter warmers and the first thing she’ll be doing when the UK opens back up.

Helen Seamons is The Guardian and Observer Menswear Editor. She is a menswear expert with many years experience in the industry, attending multiple DAKS shows over the years and regularly including our classic DAKS pieces in her features.

Go to spot for a walk?

Alexandra Palace, it's beautiful when it snows or on a misty morning and the views on a bright day are brilliant - you can see all of London.


What are your favourite winter warmers to wrap up in?

An old Stella McCartney khaki jumper and my Knotty Ones black cardigan.


The perfect dish to snuggle in with this lockdown?

Anything pasta based.


The last book you read?

I'm currently reading a book on the artist Joan Mitchell but I have to admit to not reading as much as I used to, I blame my phone addiction.


Best way to wake yourself up in the morning?

Get dressed and go for a walk or read the New York Time daily briefing


What does a normal day in your life look like?

Right now it's mainly sitting in my living room, working on my laptop, being on zoom or speaker phone calls with colleagues. I miss the more varied busy days and people.


Define your style in three words?

Dress and boots.


How do you incorporate your style into your every day life / work?

A really good coat (or trench when it's milder) and handbag always makes me feel put together even if what's underneath is old jeans and a sweater. And great boots!


Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

A vintage Japanese kimono from Kyoto and a pair of gold Dries Van Noten boots.


What inspires you?

Anything really from Instagram to art galleries or an image in a magazine.


What do you do you unwind outside of work?

Watch old reruns murder mysteries, especially Columbo and Murder She Wrote, the familiarity is very reassuring.


What’s the first place you’ll visit when lockdown is lifted?

Tate Britain to see the Lynette Yiadom Boakye exhibition.