A Scarf Fit For The King || DAKS Coronation Scarf

DAKS Limited Edition Coronation Scarf

To celebrate the upcoming coronation of HM King Charles III, DAKS has created a limited edition 100% silk foulard. DAKS has proudly held HM King Charles III's Royal Warrant since 1983 having previously held Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Warrant for over 60 years, marking a long-standing relationship with the Monarchy. It felt only fitting to create a one-off piece to mark this momentous occasion. 
For the Coronation Pocket Square, we wanted to create an artwork that commemorates the historic moment of the King’s Coronation. For the design we took inspiration from a DAKS archive foulard, taking the detailed belt motifs and reworking elements by hand drawing and editing digitally. To symbolise the British Royal Family, we use bright, regal colours in the print, which stand out against our iconic house check. Throughout the artwork you’ll find DAKS’ central motifs, such as the Double Ds and Interlocking Ds, representing the core values and British heritage of DAKS.

Whilst celebrating the King, we felt it was also important to pay homage to the late Her Majesty the Queen. We took ‘The Lennox Crest’, which featured in our Platinum Jubilee scarf, to be used as the central motif in the Coronation Pocket Square, changing the colours to work with the artwork. The crest joins together The Crown and one of our iconic motifs, representing DAKS’ long-standing relationship with the British Royal Family.


Abbie Gough, Design Assistant