The DAKS Timeline | Brand Video

For Spring Summer 2023, DAKS introduces its second brand video, The DAKS Timeline. The DAKS Timeline explores our dedication to the highest standards of design, and how this has manifested sartorially since the brand was founded by Simeon Simpson in 1894. 
For over a century, DAKS has created garments of the highest possible standard – from innovations in tailoring, sourcing the richest fabrics, to the iconic House Check. DAKS continues to define the heritage of luxury British fashion. In this video, the movement of time is conveyed through four (runway-inspired) scenes, each depicting a different era of importance to the brand. Edited chronologically, each scene is signified by the moving of a piece in the protagonist's game of chess. Our timeline explores the seminal eras of the brands history, capturing iconic moments that have defined DAKS' continuing legacy as an iconic British luxury brand. Before focusing on the present and future of DAKS, there are three eras that define the brand: the1930s, 1950s and 1970s. 
The story centres around a chess board for the visual narrative of the DAKS Timeline. This chessboard represents the DAKS House check and it's role in the brands identity. Introduced in 1976, the House Check is a symbol of our 129-year heritage. The chessboard creates the story of our House Check through time. 
From the birth of the brand to the future of DAKS, innovation and brilliance is at the heart of all of our collections. Rooted in Britishness and heritage, DAKS looks to a greener future focussing on sustainability with pieces that will stand the test of time. Our DAKS Timeline explores just this.
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